Nutritional Information & Disclaimer

The nutritional information we provide here should NOT be taken as medical advice.

  We do our best to determine the nutritional data of each item we bake, but we are not doctors or nutritionists.  We use an online calculator to calculate the ingredients in each baked item, but after multiple times baking, these item amounts might vary slightly.  It is the responsibility of the consumer to determine if the baked item fits within their own dietary restrictions.

  • All baked goods are gluten free, but are processed in a kitchen that used wheat products in the past.  Even though we no longer utilize wheat products in our baking, it is the consumer's responsibility to determine if the baked item fits within their gluten-free restrictions.  The Keto Sweet Shoppe will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions, so please be responsible and consult your physician when consuming gluten free products if you have a severe allergy.


That being said: The Keto Sweet Shoppe absolves ourselves from any and all liability of any kind with respect to any act or omission wholly it in part in reliance on anything contained on this website.


Cleaning/Sanitizing/Anti-Cross-Contamination Procedures:

  • We are constantly washing our hands. Before, during and after producing or touching different products.
  • All of our bakers are food handler certified
  • We use a paper towel to turn the water on and off to prevent cross-contamination from occurring at the sink.
  • We thoroughly clean and sanitize ALL areas and equipment between ALL products.
  • We even sanitize the oil-spray bottles and the sanitizer bottles.
  • We change our dish water between our varying products. We pay critical attention to the pre-rinsing, washing and sanitizing of each item. And as I said, we begin baking the most allergen-free, and then build to those with more allergens. This way, cross-contamination is continually avoided.